Final Video Idea

I either want to make a book trailer or go with the Life in Fife theme.

Life in Fife would consist of video from, most probably, Dunfermline area.

The clip would begin in metric fashion with steady paced clips and gradually get faster as the more exciting clips of Dunfermline came into play. I’d film most of the clips but I’d probably have to source some off the internet for locations I can’t personally go to film.

The video could begin with clips of a road in Dunfermline, moving onto a video of the town and the people moving around, gradually moving to maybe the rail station and a train coming in. The clips can gradually get shorter and preferably match up with the music as it does so moving onto clips inside/outside more exciting locations in Dunfermline. It’ll slow down, and repeat some of the longer clips from before, and the last clip being the same as the beginning, as if completing a full circle.

possibly locations –

-Dunfermline Town Center

-Dunfermline Public Park (at night specifically)

-Dunfermline Glen

-Some forested/shaded area

-Busy area such as inside a shop


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