Final Project Evaluation




The aim of this project for the entire block was to create a game/animation pair under a single theme that had to be suitable under education/social.

I was comfortable working with this aim and as a combined project as I felt it added more purpose to the assignments. It was simple and effective.

It was straightforward enough and easy to organise which can be seen on my blog. I felt like planning for the animation part in particular went best, but the game was the better of the two for a final product. Overall, the written work is perhaps what went best.

What didn’t go so well was the creation of the final products. I hadn’t ever used textadventures nor am I good at animation in general so both final products for both elements were lacking. This could have been changed with spending more time or getting to know the software and my own abilities better.

Working this way did make sense because tying individual units together added a consistent purpose/final goal which – to me – made it seem less like work/tasks/meeting outcomes and more like how it might work outside a college environment.

Next time, I’d like to focus more of the final products and less on the written work (blog) in between mostly to bridge the gap in quality.

What could the tutors do better? I felt it was all relatively organised and worked out fine but I would have preferred it if for all these classes, if everything we had to do was laid out at the very start (like worksheets) as opposed to being given them as time went on. Otherwise, I don’t think anything should have been different.


Game Checklist + Links



Idea Dev.




Game types


Layout Experimentation + platform

Game Format Experimentation

Colour Research

Font Research


User Analysis

Quiz Type Research

Example Game/Quiz Questions

Idea Development

Final Game Flow Chart

Game Plot

Final Game

Criteria Evaluation





If anything is missing, it might be in between these posts in the gameINTEGRATED category. The posts linked above are the ones I thought most relevant to marking.



Final Things

I think I still need to make a few drawings as a ‘lo-fi’ prototype, assuming that’s what it is. A few drawings of what the game would look like in my head before I made it.


Rough idea of how I’d like my game to go/work/look using what’s available to us – quest & textadventures. Based on other games I’ve looked at as part of research, this is the most suitable way to play the game with a combination of puzzle, game, and quiz elements.

I tried to combine font and colour that I researched also into these sketches and will try and replicate this in the final game.

My overall evaluation with what I have here (pre final game development), is I feel as if it’s on the right tracks and that I’ve followed my research as much as I could. The colours and fonts work well as evaluated before and the content of my game and the format/layout/type works well with it too.

Based on previous quiz type research as well as research into quest and the possibilities, I have concluded and chosen that simple yes/or or 2 answer questions are the way to go for this quiz. This can be implemented easier and based on that research which alone concludes that picture quizzes would be better for children, I’d like to take elements of that and add some clip art and images to the game on suitable pages rather than as the questions/answers. This way you keep kid friendly imagery and avoid unnecessary complications.

The first images shows what would be displayed roughly on screen when there’s a question to be answered as part of the quiz elements. The second image sows puzzle elements displaying instructions you might see when you’re given a puzzle to complete to progress on to more quizzes. The third image is the introductory scene showing you where you’ll start and where you can go – North or East – while displaying hints.





My game meets at least three of these –

Game design stage1.png

it meets –

Mystery & Discovery – because you have to discover objects as well as a mystery element in what is coming next and questions being hidden in boxes, etc. etc.

Clear Goals – clear goals because the purpose is to gain knowledge to ‘save the world’.

Avatar – there isn’t quite an avatar/guide but there is a de-materialised narration when you open/touch things, praising the user as they play and giving hints.

Help – You are given plenty hints as you play to make sure you know what to do.

Reward – you are given keys to progress which can class as a reward

In Game Resources – you use resources to complete puzzles  by collecting and using appropriately.

Levels of Difficulty – Each room as you move on gets harder, as well as the questions in each room. First question is easy, second is harder. First room in general is easy, second room is slightly harder.




Game Plot

The plot of my game is simple.

The theme is climate change.

I liked the idea of ‘quiz rooms’ that can only be unlocked by answering the previous. Using textadventures, I like that you can make it so it seems your character is standing in a physical room, so I decided these quiz rooms will be themed. Each room representing a contrasting climate with two questions inside relating to each. It’s said at the start that the quiz taker is needed to help save the world by playing this game and learning facts. The scenario might make it more interesting for the user playing.

Before you can start the game, you need to unlock the first room. In order to unlock it, you must find a torch then find a key from the storage room – as if you’re preparing for your journey through these climates.

You enter into the first arctic room through the key in the direction of north. In north you answer a question. Getting it right gives you a key. The key unlocks questions two. Question two’s key unlocks the next room. The first room is simple with more quiz than game elements because it’s the first room. I wanted the first room to be easy to let the user get used to the questions.

Room two brings in puzzle elements. It has a guard inside, but seemingly no question box. The guard asks you to bring proof of identity because *insert facts here about the desert*. You have to go back to the storage room to find the certificate to show the guard. Once you do that, you unlock the first question. The key unlocks the second, second unlocks the next room. Questions get increasingly harder and incorporate multiple little facts that are comprehensible for thew target audience of this quiz/game.

The second room I’d like to incorporate a harder final puzzle to unlock the question box that leads to a winners screen. This room is the ocean room. The winners screen could be a summary of what the player has learned and what they went through to get there. Exaggerated and child-friendly.

In Summary:

The plot is about a main character (you) who is given the task of saving the world by gaining knowledge and facts. At the end, you’ll be told how you can use the knowledge you have gained through the game in real life to stop real-life climate change.

Game Flow-Chart?

Written flow chart for my game. I made a game map too but also represents the flow of the game.


You begin in START –

—–you can go east

—–you can go north. North is locked.


—–you can see a torch.

—–pick it up

—–go bck to START – west


—–“you’ve got the torch”


—–you can see a key.

—–pick it up and use it



—–you are in the arctic room.


—–you can see a question box

—–you can see direction ‘up’. It’s locked.

–click question box

—–complete question



—–key has been revealed from answering previous question.



—–you can see question box 2

—–answer question



—–next room key revealed. Use.

—–use key to unlock up.


—–you see guard.

—–speak to guard

–“can’t enter without certificate. find it”




—–you are in storage room.

—–you can see certificate

–pick up/use




—–you see guard & question box

–Guard says he will let you through

—–Question box asks question

—–answer gives key.



—–collect key



—–you can see new question box

—–answer question



—–collect key


—–you are in ocean room

—–water block path for next question. you can see 3 chests.

—open 3 chests

-get boat


—–see question box

—–answer question