Final Project Evaluation




The aim of this project for the entire block was to create a game/animation pair under a single theme that had to be suitable under education/social.

I was comfortable working with this aim and as a combined project as I felt it added more purpose to the assignments. It was simple and effective.

It was straightforward enough and easy to organise which can be seen on my blog. I felt like planning for the animation part in particular went best, but the game was the better of the two for a final product. Overall, the written work is perhaps what went best.

What didn’t go so well was the creation of the final products. I hadn’t ever used textadventures nor am I good at animation in general so both final products for both elements were lacking. This could have been changed with spending more time or getting to know the software and my own abilities better.

Working this way did make sense because tying individual units together added a consistent purpose/final goal which – to me – made it seem less like work/tasks/meeting outcomes and more like how it might work outside a college environment.

Next time, I’d like to focus more of the final products and less on the written work (blog) in between mostly to bridge the gap in quality.

What could the tutors do better? I felt it was all relatively organised and worked out fine but I would have preferred it if for all these classes, if everything we had to do was laid out at the very start (like worksheets) as opposed to being given them as time went on. Otherwise, I don’t think anything should have been different.


Updated Animation Checklist + Links


Initial #3 IDEAS

-Initial Ideas/MindMap


-Initial Ideas Sketches (pre-moodboard+storyboard)

-Style Ideas

-Other Animations Out There


more resources







Software (software resources + idea justifications)


-Experimentation in development/production



If anything is missing it’s likely it just hasn’t been linked as there are dozens of posts in between these ones in their relevant categories. For animation, find all the posts – not just the main ones linked – in ‘AnimationINTEGRATED’

Animation Evaluation

I don’t know if we have to do an evaluation but just in case-

Looking at the animation as a whole, I am satisfied with it. Feel as if it could have been better but I wanted it finished for the deadline and passable rather than ten weeks late and not being accepted.

Individual ‘scenes’ in the animation aren’t as good as I wanted them to be, but in combination with the slightly better scenes, I feel like as a whole it’s good. Some of the ‘scenes’ I don’t like includes the one showing an arctic scene and the other being the desert. I redone these scenes at least once each, each version – as it was updated to youtube – is viewable and linked in individual posts on my blog in chronological order. The slight alterations show development in my ideas as I work in figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

I also altered the ideas to show climate change in a more obvious way. Before I wanted to show climate change in a simple way showing different climates and this developed into showing the negative/positive effects on those climates. Eg. The arctic scene before was very still with rain/snow and penguins. Now I’ve animated it (to the best of my lacking ability) to show the ice cracking to reveal water underneath. The development works well.

Final Animation + writing


The first scene – zooming into earth – can tie in with the game and how in the game you hop from one extreme place to the other, the earth tying them all together. And since climate begins on a zoomed out scale, it seemed appropriate.

Second scene – farm scene. Shows a nicer side to climate change. The ‘animals’ seems happy, peacefully sunny, etc etc.

Third scene – in the desert you see cracks emerge in the ground and plants shrivel as the sun grows and travels upwards.

Fourth Scene – Arctic. You see the ice crack, showing water, as penguins ‘waddle’ down the icy slope.



I’ll need a computer. I’ll need the software – premier pro, after effects, 3DS Max, and Photoshop. I’ll need a wordpress blog and/or a notebook with pens and pencils to use. I’ll need internet to source for moodboards and I’ll need storyboard templates.

I justified the software chosen HERE


I posted the assets used in my animation before but will post below –





bodyofwater_jpg_800x1000_q100.jpgearthwrapgalaxy wallpaper