Final Things

I think I still need to make a few drawings as a ‘lo-fi’ prototype, assuming that’s what it is. A few drawings of what the game would look like in my head before I made it.


Rough idea of how I’d like my game to go/work/look using what’s available to us – quest & textadventures. Based on other games I’ve looked at as part of research, this is the most suitable way to play the game with a combination of puzzle, game, and quiz elements.

I tried to combine font and colour that I researched also into these sketches and will try and replicate this in the final game.

My overall evaluation with what I have here (pre final game development), is I feel as if it’s on the right tracks and that I’ve followed my research as much as I could. The colours and fonts work well as evaluated before and the content of my game and the format/layout/type works well with it too.

Based on previous quiz type research as well as research into quest and the possibilities, I have concluded and chosen that simple yes/or or 2 answer questions are the way to go for this quiz. This can be implemented easier and based on that research which alone concludes that picture quizzes would be better for children, I’d like to take elements of that and add some clip art and images to the game on suitable pages rather than as the questions/answers. This way you keep kid friendly imagery and avoid unnecessary complications.

The first images shows what would be displayed roughly on screen when there’s a question to be answered as part of the quiz elements. The second image sows puzzle elements displaying instructions you might see when you’re given a puzzle to complete to progress on to more quizzes. The third image is the introductory scene showing you where you’ll start and where you can go – North or East – while displaying hints.





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