Audio Podcast

I based my audio podcast on kpop and the research from my creative analysis class.

KPOP is the fasting growing and most popular genre asian has to offer today, coming from the country of south korea. It’s a modern genre that fuses eastern and western influences such as hip hop, electronic, and korean trot music. It creates a unique, distinct sounding song. A key innovator is Lee Soo Man who founded SM entertainment. He created groups such as Girls Generation and EXO who have went on to reach global success.

Girls Generation is a nine member girl group formed in 2007, they have released seven albums and four EPs. Their new song Mr. Mr. reflects a recent change in KPOP that focuses more on their modern western influences. This change is reflected in the instruments used such as Syn Brass 2, Syn Saw Wave, and fretless bass. A lot of their old songs don’t use these and shows a change in the genre.

The song is 116 beats per minute, 4/4 time signature, and of the minor scale. The song was met with success like most songs they release and reached number one on most korean charts. At the year end rankings they were named the best girl group of 2014.

With over 60 groups produced a year, working in KPOP sounds tough. Others groups who have made it far in the genre include BigBang, Super Junior, EXO, and TVXQ.


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