Animation Evaluation

I don’t know if we have to do an evaluation but just in case-

Looking at the animation as a whole, I am satisfied with it. Feel as if it could have been better but I wanted it finished for the deadline and passable rather than ten weeks late and not being accepted.

Individual ‘scenes’ in the animation aren’t as good as I wanted them to be, but in combination with the slightly better scenes, I feel like as a whole it’s good. Some of the ‘scenes’ I don’t like includes the one showing an arctic scene and the other being the desert. I redone these scenes at least once each, each version – as it was updated to youtube – is viewable and linked in individual posts on my blog in chronological order. The slight alterations show development in my ideas as I work in figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

I also altered the ideas to show climate change in a more obvious way. Before I wanted to show climate change in a simple way showing different climates and this developed into showing the negative/positive effects on those climates. Eg. The arctic scene before was very still with rain/snow and penguins. Now I’ve animated it (to the best of my lacking ability) to show the ice cracking to reveal water underneath. The development works well.


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