My game meets at least three of these –

Game design stage1.png

it meets –

Mystery & Discovery – because you have to discover objects as well as a mystery element in what is coming next and questions being hidden in boxes, etc. etc.

Clear Goals – clear goals because the purpose is to gain knowledge to ‘save the world’.

Avatar – there isn’t quite an avatar/guide but there is a de-materialised narration when you open/touch things, praising the user as they play and giving hints.

Help – You are given plenty hints as you play to make sure you know what to do.

Reward – you are given keys to progress which can class as a reward

In Game Resources – you use resources to complete puzzles  by collecting and using appropriately.

Levels of Difficulty – Each room as you move on gets harder, as well as the questions in each room. First question is easy, second is harder. First room in general is easy, second room is slightly harder.





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