Game Plot

The plot of my game is simple.

The theme is climate change.

I liked the idea of ‘quiz rooms’ that can only be unlocked by answering the previous. Using textadventures, I like that you can make it so it seems your character is standing in a physical room, so I decided these quiz rooms will be themed. Each room representing a contrasting climate with two questions inside relating to each. It’s said at the start that the quiz taker is needed to help save the world by playing this game and learning facts. The scenario might make it more interesting for the user playing.

Before you can start the game, you need to unlock the first room. In order to unlock it, you must find a torch then find a key from the storage room – as if you’re preparing for your journey through these climates.

You enter into the first arctic room through the key in the direction of north. In north you answer a question. Getting it right gives you a key. The key unlocks questions two. Question two’s key unlocks the next room. The first room is simple with more quiz than game elements because it’s the first room. I wanted the first room to be easy to let the user get used to the questions.

Room two brings in puzzle elements. It has a guard inside, but seemingly no question box. The guard asks you to bring proof of identity because *insert facts here about the desert*. You have to go back to the storage room to find the certificate to show the guard. Once you do that, you unlock the first question. The key unlocks the second, second unlocks the next room. Questions get increasingly harder and incorporate multiple little facts that are comprehensible for thew target audience of this quiz/game.

The second room I’d like to incorporate a harder final puzzle to unlock the question box that leads to a winners screen. This room is the ocean room. The winners screen could be a summary of what the player has learned and what they went through to get there. Exaggerated and child-friendly.

In Summary:

The plot is about a main character (you) who is given the task of saving the world by gaining knowledge and facts. At the end, you’ll be told how you can use the knowledge you have gained through the game in real life to stop real-life climate change.


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