Quiz+Adventure Game

The quiz cant just stand alone, it has to have an element of plot to it.

I was thinking my game can take on a world tour narrative, guiding the player over world, interactive in looking at things in the selected destinations as well as taking education quiz questions relation to location and overall theme. This is  VARIATION on my original proposal and shows progression and development.

My game, linked in the previous post, touched roughly on this touring aspect. I want to add a better narration to enhance to ‘tour’ feeling as well as improve transition between one quiz to another within the tour…


Also, based on previous research, the questions don’t have to directly relate to the touring destination – as mentioned before, I said I wanted the questions to relate to the target audiences life and what they can do personally help (the audience is kids).There should be a transition between the destination and the seemingly unrelated question such as –

‘Ice caps are melting because….’

—–‘What can you do at home to help?’


These questions and their content have already been outlined and written down in another blog post in this category.

This provides a link/story between the quiz questions in form of a virtual world tour (including pictures and other such think), and it touches on my previous research into quiz types and quiz content.

For quiz type, I’m sticking with basic written clickable answers rather than picture quiz or anything else of the sorts. This seems easiest to implement right now.



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