I assume we have to create a promo poster for our games/animations (if not, I have anyway).

My poster will need a title, so I’ll just go for something straight forward and use the title ‘Climate Change’. Not going to go into anything fancy or complex

The example poster posted in iLearn looks good and I’d like to use similar as inspiration.

I want to incorporate the globe and other environmental features.

I’ll use the font Century Gothic as  shown in my research, and try and stick to the colour scheme. The colours researched are more suitable for the webpage, not what I had in mind for a poster but in order to keep it consistent, I’ll have to use similiar sort of colours such as pastels and/or light colours.

These colours should be light as shown in my research to fit best in a poster.

Here are the few posters I put together, assuming this is the way we were supposed to do it –


I chose the first as the better of the two (even though I prefer the seconds and its colours) because I feel it represents more of the research in terms of lighter colours and its relation to the audience, etc. I expanded on that poster in trying to make it fit with the colours scheme more and the subject matter associated with that colour – green.#CC POSTER v2CC POSTER v3

While those two are similar, I prefer the second because it’s clearer and more 3D. I chose to ‘posterise’ both variations because I felt that seemed more child friendly, more ‘fun’ than simple a shopped image of earth in someones hands.

with my own evaluation, I feel like I carried through all my research in typography and colour well. I used a lighter green overlay to tint the picture over text in century gothic – and while the text doesn’t fit with my research into the texts colour, it does use a black drop shadows which was chosen based on my research that concluded black was best over any of the background colours. I feel the subject is more than obvious and the audience is a little more ambiguous.

I prefer the original poster in blues over either green variation.


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