Quiz Research

My theme is Climate Change as written about in my proposal and research. I want to make a quiz based on this which means I need to research types of quizzes

1 – I like the idea of a picture quiz, where you select an image in response to a question and it’ll tell you either right or wrong.


This is possible as demonstrated in my interface research/experimentation here –



2 – Form quiz. These are basic forms in which you select one answer for each question and submit it all at the end where it’ll come back with right/wrong and/or score.


Unlike the last, I’m unsure how this would be made in HTML (or any other) and would have to research that aspect. The form quiz idea isn’t perhaps as kid-friendly as a picture quiz and I’m unsure how ‘fun’ it’d be received as. Would be willing to look further into it.

3 – Similar to the first and second, it uses purely text like the 2nd but not all questions are given in one go like the third. You have to pass the previous question to advance onto the second, second onto third and so forth rather than, in the second, submitting all answers and receiving a score after answering them all.


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