Three Animation Ideas

Based on my general plan as well as my research,I aim to come up with three ideas to storyboard and create moodboards for. Here are the three ideas:

1. using 3dsmax/ 3D animation, I’d like to create an animation of the world/earth rotating for about 5 seconds on its own as an introductory sequence to the game/promo video. Then I’d like other objects to come into the scene such as the sun and unnamed planets. This can take up to 20 seconds easily in my opinion while having a clear link to the general idea of climate change & the environment. Then 3D text can enter the scene with the name of the game or any other connective text. The earth and sun represent two of the bigger components of my general idea of the environment and provide a clear connection while indirectly introducing climate change – which my game will mostly be based on.

2. using after effects of a similar animation software, I’d like to create a twenty second animation also as an introductory sequence and/or promo video for the game. On screen for a few minutes or so, I’d like to show four different extreme weather scenes. Green fields and lakes to dry deserts and cold planes of snow and ice. Each scene lasting 5 to 8 seconds showing animations in each. Like in the last animation, text should appear near the end connecting the animation to either the name of the game or text that shows it’s on the same subject.

3. for my third idea I’d like to show a combination of both these ideas using perhaps a cross of 3D max and after effects to create it. Using scenes and ideas from the ideas before, I’d like it to start in outer space looking on earth as in the first animation but within 5 to 10 seconds, zoom into the earth and fade out, leading onto a scene similar to the second showing clear imagery of climate change/environmental factors such as a beaming sun and/or heavy rain. Then, like the two before, fade out into a scene showing the logo of the game or connection text. This idea would act, just like before, as a introduction and/or promo video.


Moodboards to follow.



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