GAME&ANIM Proposal

Topic: Climate Change/Environmental

Animation: Basic animation involving basic imagery when trying to explain climate change/environmental impacts, eg. melting icecaps, bright sun, the earth, and other several second long clips, sow the different impacts of climate change in varying climates. In a desert, in the arctic, at home, etc.



Game: Interactive world map/image map type game leading onto relevant questions/quizzes to your clicked location/image on said map. These questions/facts can reflect the impacts of climate change with an aim to educate. If interactive map is too ambitious, I still like the idea of visiting certain places around the world to answer questions on climate change there. Add in puzzles to unlock questions/to unlock mode of transport to that part of the world, etc. etc.

Plan: I plan to produce assets that can be shared between both animation and game projects, with the exception of a few assets that will have to be made specifically for one or the other.

Initial Design Development: Quiz or interactive fact-giver/book type thing. HTML based.

Audience: Children, mostly, because of its simplicity (which is caused more because of my lack of skill than on purpose honestly)

Aim: To educate about the environment and climate change.


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