As mentioned at the end of the previous post, I want to do a social game.

Initially I liked the idea of an educational game preferably based on fact about countries and/or geography. I thought about how I could expand this into animation and thought it fell short and decided to transfer this into social instead making it touch on environmental issues such as climate change. I’ve done climate change based projects before, in more specifically video (montage projects from level 5).

A climate change type game would be in a quiz style. Whether in a simple, A, B, C, or D style or in something a little more interesting, I’m not sure. HTML/web based.

I felt climate change would be easier to make into an animation (unsure still if this animation will directly relate to game as either a promotional video or just an animation based on the vague subjects we’ve chosen).

In terms of creating promotional content such as posters, I feel that is easy enough done for this subject.


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