Expanded Idea

My idea, as explained in a previous post, is based around a social issue of the environment/more specifically climate change.

As a game, this can be developed in the form of a quiz. I’m not sure how this will look or how far we can go in creating a game/quiz, but I like the idea of selecting areas on a map to bring up one or a selection of questions based on climate change directly effecting that region. I’m unsure if this is too ambitious.

As an animation, I like the idea of a promotional video (perhaps screen recorded from the game once finished), or an animation just based on the concept of climate change showing it’s effects and future impacts.

I assume media elements will tie into this via the content we produce for both of these things.

Thinking about colors and design, seeing as it’s based on the environment, natural colors seem the most obvious choice. Greens of a variety of colors as well as yellows, oranges, and pale pinks and purples. Avoid blue and any ‘unnatural’ colors.

For the quiz/game, a quiz show-type layout seems most appropriate but I’d be interested in looking into what else can be done for a quiz, maybe as I described above or in a different form I haven’t thougtht of.

Ideas include –



-contrasting climates








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