I feel like I completed the 3D product successfully in relation to the brief. I researched suitable materials and printing methods and in terms of modelling chose the correct modelling techniques to form the model – box modelling and segmented modelling. I experimented well in deciding how to model my character and environment. I taken time to decide which and researched further for ways to create models as detailed on my blog. I completed the assessment step by step and took care in making sure each point was covered in my work and presentation.

Areas of weakness in my 3D model is perhaps lack of in depth research for materials. I struggled adding a material/face to my character, and in the end had to get help in doing so. I wish I had chosen a different texture for the face, perhaps one with hair. Where I went wrong would probably be in the beginning when I failed to consider the hair and the face and how I’d approach this in initial research in outcome 2.

I feel like I did effectively follow the creative process and ended up finishing ahead of schedule (with the models). My strength in allowing me to do this was maybe how aware I was of the time I had and schedule made in the beginning of the assessment in outcome 2. Having a strong base of research and plan allowed the modelling to follow much easier.This allowed me to keep on-track. Areas for improvement would be my modelling skills themselves. I feel at ease in research and written areas but actually doing what I’m writing isn’t a strong point. My models satisfied the assessment requirements as well as my own goals but next time I would like to try something a little harder. That’d mean I won’t be sitting around doing nothing for half the time as theoretically I should be busy with a harder task.


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