Capture/Create 3D Models Research

Methods to capture/create 3D models to print-

In order to create a 3D models, you have to use CAD software. This software is offered for free online but bought packages are available. Blender is an example of open source CAD software and a freeware software for CAD modelling is Google SketchUp. Bought licensed software includes Autodesk 3DS Max and AutoCAD. All of these can be used and are options to use when creating a 3D model.

In these softwares, you can create your own 3D models. Other software/apps have come about to make this easier such as Autodesk 123d Catch which can use only photographs and turn those into 3D models for you. It’d make the development time a lot shorter and more accurate to life if your skills are below that required.


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