Animation Evaluation

My final animation finishes at around 30 seconds not including the titles. It meets the requirements to demonstrate and identify at least two principles of animation which are identified here.

I completed this animation with time to spare while completing written work/ideas/brief research on my blog under the Animation Level 6 category.

What went well –

I liked how the animation turned out with numerous scenes/backgrounds to keep the animation fast paced and not dull/drawn out in one scene for 30 seconds to meet the required time scale.

What didn’t go well –

I didn’t like how I animated very few objects within the scenes (which was possibly due to the story as there wasn’t much else to animation). Animations included the varying ships in the scenes, one planet at the start, and near the end I animated a mob-like graphic. I feel like more could have been done like add in some cars (as I detailed in the storyboard annotations/drawings), but while I made the animation I didn’t feel like I needed anything else to bulk up the animation in case I exceeded the 30 seconds mark.

Despite that, the animation should be fine and meet the specifications for this unit assessment/project brief and overall I am happy with it.

Next time I’d like to be a bit more ambitious with what I’m animating to show a little more skill.



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