Principles of Animation in Project

In my animation project, it’s required we demonstrate at least 2 principles of animation. I completed my animation without giving much though to this aspect, but now it’s done I can see two principles that naturally went into my animation –

Slow in, slow out – this principle is demonstrated through how the flying saucer moves. I tried to make it look as natural as possible hence moments where the ship is moving slower than other upon approach and also demonstrates acceleration of the flying saucer.

Arc – I tried to make the movement of the ship ‘arc’ as much as possible to realistically demonstrate physics (despite half the scenes being in an environment where these physics wont apply), but nevertheless, they’re there. The ship moves in semi-realistic arcs to demonstrate realistic trajectory. This works well with slow-in, slow out on the ship.

Squash and Stretch – I tried to demonstrate this principle specifically at one point but I don’t feel it was terribly successful. This alongside exaggeration was intended to be used but isn’t so apparent. (the scene with the beach/green landscape that briefly appears for a few seconds)

Exaggeration – I had intended to use this in my animation but in the end, it’s lesser and harder to spot so I’m claiming it as a primciple demonstrated in my animation but a lesser one.



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