3D Experimentation post #2

The images above show some experimentation done in relation to given brief and research. Going with my second idea, I’ve rendered a frame with a plane with multiple trees on-screen. In my final design I wish to use the displace/wave tool to create a realistic terrain for these trees – I’ll so experimentation with this in coming days. Or I could recycle some ‘experimentation’ from last blocks project where we used similar methods to achieve a similar effect with what I think was the displace tool. It created a terrain-like irregular pattern of displacement on the plane which was achieved by using a texture as a ‘map’.

As for my character, the first image above shows the experimentation for the character as I made her. The second image of the character (with head and rough arms), you begin to see a more human form and I think this technique is one I’ll likely use for my final design. I think so as this seems realistic enough to do with my skills (to a complete, finished model as required with this brief). I should perfect the modelling in coming weeks and possibly explore other options in the mean time to create the character.

I had initially intended for the character to be male but off the bat I started modelling as female. Not that it should matter much as all the textures and colors on my moodboard should still apply.

I’m also looking to define the legs from the torso unlike in the experimentation above (unless I were to dress the character as if she were wearing a dress). I’d have to ask the tutor the best way to do this but I imagine it’s a case of creating separate cylindrical legs and modelling them just like how I modeled the torso using something such as the polygon modelling tool and/or something else.


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