Animation Storyboard

My Storyboard amounts to a total of 9 unique frames, drawn and ready. Will be scanned in later. Each frame represents a change of scene of sorts/the next step in the story, and time wise each storyboard frame represent from as few as 2 seconds to as much as 8.

Frame 1 – the alien ship travels in distant view of the earth and/or other planets. (3 seconds).

Frame 2 – Ship travels on lower right of screen in different backdrop. (5 seconds).

Frame 3 – Ship travels in upwards arc in upper left to right portion of screen in another varying backdrop. (3 seconds).

Frame 4 – Earth comes into view taking up most of the lower portion of screen. Ship ascends into view from above and hovers steadily above the earth for a few seconds.(5 seconds).

Frame 5 – Frame cuts to birds eye view scene of sorts of a beach town/city/whatever. Swoops downwards over scene. (3 seconds).

Frame 6 – A scene similar to the rush hour animation project appears showing a peaceful city/urban landscape. Cars can pass by on this scene to show the current state of the city before the alien invasion. (5 – 8 seconds).

Frame 7 – The urban landscape becomes crowded as groups of people crowd the scene to catch a glimpse of the space ship. (3 – 5 seconds).

Frame 8 – Close up perhaps of the alien inside the ship. The alien could smile if it has a mouth or perhaps give off an ‘evil’ vibe. (1 – 2 seconds).

Frame 9 – black screen. Human screams. (2 seconds).




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