Idea 2 Development

To make the idea more interesting and not just going for an easy route out, I reckon I can stick entirely to the glorified stickman-esque idea + forest environment, but add some other man-made features in the forest environment. Could include a small building… A bench… Or something of the likes.

A reminder of images I have collated (Outcome 2, c) for inspiration and to perhaps use as resources in my 3D models are shown below. There’s a single image of a 3D character that I think I can base my character around. I have chosen this image in particular as it looks like something I can successfully try and recreate/take inspiration from. The Forest environment (on a white background) below also serves as inspiration for the environment from a zoomed out perspective. The textures dotted around below show the research I’ve done into texture I can apply or recreate on my models based on their own inspirations. Through this I’ve collated resources and thoroughly researched multiple ideas in response to the brief before settling and developing just the one.


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