Research ideas for Given Brief (+Inspiration)

Outcome 2, B) Identify research areas with development potential in response to the given brief.


Outcome 2, D) Collate relevant research material in response to the given brief. (Not fully finished)



The Characters and Environments have to be linked. This link could be the environment characteristics on both the models or even simply a story/plot connecting them both. Inspiration could be taken from games/films with things easily transferable into a 3D idea of my own creation.

Films/games I can think of so far for inspiration –

  • Suckerpunch (this film has a lot of 3D design in it and animation techniques. I feel like the futuristic theme can be transferred as well as character/models/environments).
  • Metro: Last Light (I use this as ‘inspiration’ for everything as I know very little games. Futuristic in all senses including environment & Characters – their fashion and such).

Realistically I can’t do anything too much. I want to take the futuristic theme as my inspiration rather than any specific form in the above films/games. This could perhaps translate to a robot/man hybrid character as well as modern/futuristic city or desolate future wasteland landscape?

Complex examples images/inspiration for both character/landscape sourced from both films/games above.

Or my character itself could take a completely different approach and not be a human – it could be a focal point object if that would pass as a character?

Images founds quickly on google demonstrate the materials I have in mind as well as the theme I have looked at based on research above.





A regular character/person in wooded environment. No specific inspiration source and based on perhaps a “plot” of character walking/standing in the forest. As simple as that. This would be the most simple/easiest to model and perhaps more realistic in terms of my current skills/level in 3D. The person even then won’t look like a real person and perhaps more blocky than a real person unless I can figure out how to model it correctly.

The environment could be filled with trees while being slightly hilly – slightly.

The character, male, could be modeled to look as human-like as possible with my abilities.

A house could be included in the forest just to add more to the design.

Character likely to look worse that the one there and the environment will for sure look a lot more basic.



Quiet street with a house or two and a character situated right outside. Like before, no specific source of inspiration and keeping it simple and basic with ideas. This would also be achievable with my skills. OR the environment could be the interior of a house. Instead of a house, I could possibly even make use of my 3D warehouse if allowed?


3D house  inspiration^ The house would be one of many in a residential area of a town/city if this idea were to develop as an outdoor environment. Otherwise, the idea could develop into an indoor environment. To cover both, I’ve included ideas for both these aspects in the moodboard below.



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