Chosen 3D Models

Realistically it seems the second idea of mines would be best – this includes the forest/wooded area with a simple character/person in the scene with a story of the character walking. It sounds simple, but I feel like it matches my current skills in 3D Modelling.

I reject the other ideas as the first idea inspired by a film/movie isn’t going to be easy. It’ll be beyond my abilities and I’d likely be relying on the tutor for much of the modelling. I want this to show entirely my own abilities and using the inspiration I chose would complicate it to much even if I chose quite simply a futuristic approach.

I rejected the last idea as it doesn’t seem as interesting. While the characters in my mind would look the same or similiar, the enviroment of a house over a forest doesn’t sound as interesting as the latter hence I chose the 2nd idea over the 3rd.

The original images I found on google to convey what I have in mind for this idea for my 3D Models.




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