3D Planning

3D Character & Enviroment planning –

Regardless of what character and environment I choose, I aim to follow this plan as far as possible.

Week 1 (08/02/16 – 12/02/16) – Complete outcome 2. Preferably by the Wednesday and allowing extra time to edit and rework it on the Thursday & Friday. Select what model/environment you’re going with.

Week 2 (15/02/16 – 19/02/16) – Complete outcome 3 including experimentation & research into techniques and materials for final 3D Character & Environments documented fully on WordPress. Try and make a start on Outcome 4’s Moodboard on Thursday & Friday.

Week 3 (22/02/16 -26/02/16) – Having finished the moodboard for Outcome 4, move on to creating the 3D models themselves.

Week 4 (29/02/16 – 04/03/16) – Finish modelling, prepare for presentation of models, present, and begin Outcome 5 – Evaluation.

Week 5 (07/03/16 – 11/03/16) – Finish Evaluation if I haven’t already.


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