1st version of final video

Approx 50 words used.

I tried to stick completely to the storyboard but ended up changing the text/script a bit and using different clips for different amounts of time. In the end it came out similar but not identical but in my opinion shows the development of my ideas and learning what could and couldn’t be done.

I included a variety of effects and transitions as well as 3D graphics/animations to go along with the in-package 2D animations.


This is the first version as I feel like over the coming days I will edit and change a few things. I uploaded the first ‘final’/complete piece to document my work.

I used for the most part the following fonts; French Script (or called something similar) and Century Gothic. I used mainly Century Gothic because it’s a different looking font but still clear and easy to read. Sparingly for emphasis on specific suiting words, I used the french script.

Colour wise, I used mostly black and white. This was to make it easier to read & not appear too random. Other than black and white, I did use variations of grey and on one part, red.

I used subtle effects and transitions on the text as I felt it suited the videos more than, say, in your face fly-in effects/scaling/etc. It would have looked too over the top if I tried any more effects than the subtle fade in/outs, on one occasions – slight twists, pulsing effects (not obvious), and the text moving vertically.

Most of my work is found on the left hand side of the screen and the motions graphics at the start on the right are from an actual Louis Vuitton video presenting the history of LV. I felt this suited the project – past, present, and future hence why I included it. The parts of the video that don’t include a video are my own work – eg. the 3D Louis Vuitton melt thing.

I also used blending options for the quote to work it into the scene at the end rather than a plain black screen and white text like before, but I did try and use a darker clip so the sudden change wasn’t too much and to keep the slow.

I also used abrupt/unedited titles in the video (eg, the credits) because to me catwalk fashion is in its rawest, most exaggerated form. To add too many effects would refine the editing and appearance and not fit with the theme of the video. I would have made most clips unedited/raw if not for the project requirements that ask us to use effects/transitions hence made most as subtle as possible. I believe this was a good decision and does have a valid design reason adding valuable emphasis and unwritten definition to the text.

I feel as if the text/video flows well (thanks to the audio), however the text itself and transitions disappoint me a little and how I carried that out. I would change that should I get the chance.



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