Also on paper as a drawn storyboard. Here is the more detailed version with references;

Frame 1 – Past. Show 15 – 20 seconds of a clip from this video

this represents past.

Include the typography on a side panel on the screen saying as follows:

  • A new world luxury where the money in the name renders us victim to the brand. A luxury of sparkles and leather and gold enticing us towards a brand of Diamonds and Flowers and Stars since 1854. (38 words).

Frame 2 – Black/white screen for 5 seconds with 3D or 3D logo of Louis Vuitton.

Frame 3 – Split screen with LV Spring/Summer 2015 show in Milan taking a portion of clips from this video –


  • “Undisputed elegance showcasing the exception” – present.


Frame 4 – Clips from LV winter 2012 to represent present following similiar format perhaps shifting the split screen to opposite.

  • “A surplus of the opulent, a trove of wealth” – present.

Frame 5 – Blank/black/white screen. 3D/2D text appear on screen, “What does the future hold?”

Frame 6 – Split screen on a futuristic shot of 2015/16 design for 10 secs.

  • “Fragmentation of the classes in a collision of affordable and indiscriminate luxury?”

Frame 7 – Different shot from #6 on future with new narrative – 10 – 20 words.

  • “Or an acute discrimination between those who can and those who can’t?”

Frame 8 – “Fashions fade, Styles is eternal”.

Frame 9 – “Chloe McCormick, Motion Graphics Project”.


Scanned Storyboard to come.





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