“create a 90 second kinetic typography animation video working within the theme of Past, Present, and Future.
If I’m to interpret the theme in any way I choose, I pick to interpret Past, Present, and Future collectively under the theme of time.
Choosing a movie scene from a movie I enjoy, I pick that from the Labyrinth, specifically the scene where Jareth shows Sarah the Labyrinth she must navigate to find her baby brother and tells her she must complete it within 13 hours. This scene fits my interpretation of time so I’ll hopefully go with this.”


Using the exact words from that point on in the link above (11:28) till whenever suitable, I’ll caption in kinetic typography fashion the words spoken and if I figure out how, I’ll use other forms of graphics to make it more interesting. Alternatively, I can make it as bland as possible but still have it interesting in its own right.

Last year I made a kinetic lyrics video. I like the way this was done with the clip in the background and the words being transparent so I’d like to consider this as something I can do again for this project.


Plain black background with black text emitting a soft blue outglow narrating purely the audio from the clip. Could also include static/dynamic 2D & 3D graphics where suitable that don’t fall under typography.


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