Creative Thinking Worksheet 1

1). Record at least two techniques that you used to generate ideas for your animated sequence

Checklists & Mindmaps as I feel I like to do things straight forward, written, and on paper. I like being able to express my thoughts on paper allowing me to combine, separate, and evolve ideas quickly as well as allowing me to have note of them so I can move onto other – sometimes better – ideas.

2). Give details of your idea for your sequence – what is going to happen?

Ideas include some form of flying object – preferably a space ship – swooping across a landscape for 15 seconds. Space ship should look sleek and metallic, landscape; mountainous and hard. Lighting should be bleak using a single omni light to cast dull shadows.

3). Give reasons to explain why you have chosen this idea?

I chose this idea as it’s the most realistically achievable as I’ll be able to animate without having to take into consideration the terrain beneath the object.


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