character form

I filled out the example of character forms given to us by our tutor. I also made my own form based off this one. My form can be found here –


Name: Nadia
Nicknames / Name Change
DoB: 3030 AD – 20 years old


Physical Age: 20 years old
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Build: Wide shoulders but a slim tall build.
Ethnic Origin: Middle eastern
Colour: Tan
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Style: Braided to the side
Eye Colour: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Sharp facial features
Posture: Tall, straight posture
Walks: In long strides
Talks: In a strong but feminine voice
Eats: Whatever she can, having been brought up with a survival instinct.
Smiles: Rarely, but when she does it’s for a good cause.
Laughs: Rarely, just like smiling
Gestures: Uses very little hand gestures and can appear emotionless
Hygiene: Relatively good hygiene, using the limited resources while she lived sub-terrain.
Special Abilities:  She’s physically stronger due to intense training and how she was brought up
Weaknesses: Her family. She wants to protect them no matter what as the sole bread winner, but fears and worries she’ll let them down.


Intelligence: Not as intellectual as she is physically powerful. Education wasn’t ever her main purpose. Has relatively good problem solving.
Social Status: Regular citizens left with the harsh labour duties in their society as the lowest of classes in their hierarchy.
Economic Status: Poor. Living in debt to the overlord of their bunker – but isn’t any poorer or richer than the others in their situation living as seemingly the only humans left on earth.
Religious Beliefs: There is no religion on this post-war earth.


Generally: Generally emotionless
How do they Relate to Others: Relates to others she connects to as family. Connects to them through a sense of protection and duty.
Trust: Trusts her mother and once upon a time trusted her leaders/saviours.
Likes: Likes to train and become stronger/a more meaningful person.
Dislikes: Dislikes when harm comes to those around her as well as being set back.
Content / Happy: Happy while training and moving up ranks
Anger / Sad: Upset when family is at harm or things go against her ways.
Fears: Fears the truth, what might be outside the place she’s grown to call home, etc.
Hopes / Dreams / Goals: Hope there is human life outside the bunker and dreams of living in a free world.
Motivations / Drive Motivation is her sick family who she wishes to give a good life to.
Conflicts personal and interpersonal Conflicts include her loyalty to her sub-terrain society and conflicts between high ranking personnel opposed to her leaving and venturing onto the surface.


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