Character #2 – antagonist


Messed up on the side angle – never been good at those. Also my first drawing on my graphics tablet.

Name: Shai

Age: late twenties

Job: A high ranking military position. His role in the story is using his job to track down the MC on her journey/gameplay.

Appearance: Big built. Wears greys and browns. Generally looks solemn and kempt.

Background story: He was a teenager when the world became a dessert, suddenly finding himself a long with his family in the underground facility willed to survive. Through a sense of responsibility, he stepped up and joined military ranks within the complex and now stands at a high position. His sick mother died a few years previously and his father is still ill. This character isn’t as emotionally responsive as other, and I don’t intend to use him in any way shape or form to evoke emotions from player – I intend for him to be stony faced and unmoving mentally from his stance with the ‘bad guys’. The character suffered a lot in training. He barely knows the main character and barely knows her face.

This character will die/be defeated at the end of the game


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