Character & Backstory

wpid-wp-1442229790095.jpeg character

My original drawing above and my digital version. Both are of the same character who I’m going to call ‘Nadia’ or the likes.

Before the age of ten, she was raised on earth as we know it today. War broke out when she was a child, her father was sent to war. Her family was evacuated to a bunker as nuclear bombs destroyed every living thing. Her father died. Her family survived, but hadn’t seen the sunlight since.

This character has been brought up in post-war earth out in a desolate sub-terrain bunker below the planes of a dry and barren dessert. Her father was killed in what is simply referred to as ‘The War’, and all her life has promoted the cause and memory of her father and his honorable death.

In doing this, she’s trained as part of this cause to join the ranks of her sub-terrain society ruled in a dytopian fashion disguised as what can appear to be a utopia. They aren’t allowed to see the outside and their only connection to the surface above them is the blue skies painted above their home through the warped glass ceiling.

She’s been the sole money maker for her family since her father died, working in agriculture to sustain life in the bunker using advanced technology and science. Other than that, she trains persistently. These factors contribute to a hard and un-breaking persona. Loyal but independent.

Before her change of mind, she worships the ruling body in the bunker like they are her savior – blinded at first. She would defend them to no end. Of course, before gameplay can begin this obviously changes.

As she’s promoted from working in the fields sustaining the food supply to working as the assistant for their president, she gets a closer insight to exactly what they’re doing. There she realizes that things are more sinister than they might have initially seemed – they’re being kept in the bunker not for their own good, but for the higher ups. At this point, the main character Nadia sees that she’ll only know the truth if she sees it with her own eyes – this prompts her to begin her plan and break out of the bunker (where game play will actually begin).

Nadia’s family is a small one – Her mother, and perhaps a sister. She could be ill or have a life threatening condition to draw sympathy from players. Her sister is only a few years younger. Her mother is a middle aged and gradually getting worse in health. Neither of them can work therefore Nadia takes the main load of work in whatever needs to be done.

Their home is a high-tec subsection in the bunker – a ‘living quarters’ type area – where other family live in small rooms using as little space as possible.

Te people living sub-terrain have to pay high taxes to their president – previously thought to be guaranteeing their protection. Nadia now realizes it was out of greed and exploitation.

When Nadia escapes to find other human life outside, she risks her life and family’s knowing they could be hurt – but Nadia thinks that’s for the best.

Her goals when gameplay begins is to find other human life (if not she’s willing to die). Upon finding human life, she wants to return to the bunker and free her family and whoever else will come. Her resentment for their president is so strong she considers killing him.


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