Game Idea Development/Simplification

My idea here is a little too complex for my first game. In order to simplify this, I have to sand down the rough edges and whittle it away until it’s realistically achievable.

In order to make it realistic, I have to lose all of the ‘visual novel’ plot parts – meaning I’ll have to convey the plot in a different way rather than through multiple time consuming graphics. I could simply replace this with a rolling screen of lengthy text telling most of the backstory. The rest can be given as the game progresses in a similar way before new regions

I’ll also have to reduce the amount of levels to about three or four – meaning I’m going to forget about the ‘levels within regions’ idea, and simply have regions. The game now has three regions, that are one single level on their own.

The gameplay levels were simple enough to begin with so won’t change much. I now have in my game a start menu, *maybe* a map screen*, a gameplay screen, and a winner/loser screen. I have two main characters – My MC and the character of the protagonist.

I think the idea of a separate battle screen was too ambitious and can be changed. Instead all battles take place on the same screen as the regions and have to be defeated using the same controls you’ve used for the entire navigation of the game.

Instead of comeing across villages, maybe in the regions/levels, there are a certain number of villagers scattered about and our character has to find them, so the main intention isn’t just to get through the level but also to find every single person waiting in that level. There should be a villager count at the top of the screen.

To summarize –

-start menu


-rolling screen of backstory

-*maybe* a map screen highlighting region 1

-completes regions 1 & finds 2 villagers

-rolling screen of progressing story

-completes regions 2 and battles ‘henchman’ near end. Finds 4 villagers

-final screen of story

-completes regions 3 and defeats the protagonist

-winner screen


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