Game Plot/Planning

Game title/theme/genre Science Fiction – Side Scrolling Shooter. Title – Desert Wars.
Target Audience 3+
Platform PC
Purpose/Objective  To obtain all ten gems while avoiding an onslaught of airships.
Game purpose/objective/plot    The air ship has to collect gems while travelling but also avoid other enemy air ships coming in the opposite direction.

You win the game if you can obtain all ten of the gems while avoiding the numbers of airships.

Basic Game Play     The airship moves left to right on a single level world

Maybe a levels option of easy and hard – consisting of a varying degree of air ships and distance between gems.

Main Characters Good airship – lighter in colour and slightly bigger

bad airships – multiple of them, small, and darker in colour.

User Interface Requirements Controlled with mouse and keyboard. The arrow keys for movements such as left, right, up, and down. Letter keys for other commands such as M for menu, and that can be navigated with the mouse.

A start menu to press play

Finally, a finishing/end of game should be displayed when A) the character dies, and B) when the character survive the entire game/defeat the protagonist.


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