Game Idea/Plot Run-Through

*complex version*

*Visual examples of screen display/set up here Here*

Opening  –

Start screen with basic menu – with perhaps a blurred shot of game play in the background. You can select what option with the mouse. Options include ‘Start’, ‘Settings’, and ‘Exit’. The game logo/name should take up at least 1/3 of the the screen.

Once selecting ‘Start’, you’re introduced to the plot through a visual novel style introduction. We see our Main Character, and a run down of the plot via text in a speech bubble type box below. The run down introduces us to the idea that earth is post-war, barren and dry, humans separated by hundreds of miles now living sub-terrain in small clans under dystopian rule. Our MC tells us about her family, the death of her father in ‘The War’, and her role and desire to become a meaningful member of her society. She expresses a sense of idolizing their leader. These introductions should include about five screens of text – with a paragraph or so on each accompanied by different images/settings showing the player the underground bunker structure, society, and perhaps herself and members of her family.

Once the player has read through all this, the game introduction sequence should play lasting perhaps 5 seconds at most – nothing complex but the game logo & scene behind that.

Another set of visual novel slides should play conveying to the player that how the MC thought before is no longer how she sees her society through events A and B. She now wants to escape the bunker and find other clans of humans living on the desolated planet earth.

Region 1 of 3 begins, showing a maps on screen with a duller path through various environmental features. The first part of this route is highlighted to show the player what path they’re on just now. You can see on the map certain vital areas highlighted with large dots where key events will take place. None of these occur in Region 1 as that’s more a region where players get used to the control and acquire certain objects/weapons for use.

In levels 1 – 2 in Region 1, the players has to jump over basic objects, pick up two variations of weapons, kill one enemy on the side scrolling screen, and reach the end ‘doorway’ onto the next region.

Before moving into the next region, there’s a break for a visual novel style plot development including from the protagonist in the bunker angry over the escape of a clan member. You see/read him ordering henchmen/enemies to capture the MC and bring her back. The map screen takes the place of the visual novel screen and the next region highlights, showing the first fraction of that region as level 1 out of 3. Markers for two key enemies appear in that region, specifically level 2 and 3

Level 1 in region 2 has little in it also, but you have basic henchmen to defeat with your weapons and the usual environmental obstacles to tackle. On level 2 you find a significant enemy that takes you to the separate fight screen (like the Pokemon and Mortal Kombat fight screens) where you have to fight and survive. Having survived you move through to level 3 with the typical henchmen and such, and one key enemy at the end before completing that level.

Visual Novel screen begins upon completion of region 2. This visual novel screens shows a shot of our MC arriving in a village above the earth filled with happy humans. The MC expresses her delight and the games moves on.

Region 3 is highlighted on the map screen showing one key enemy, and the protagonist waiting at the end. There are two levels in region 3 – level 1 includes the less significant enemy, level 2 includes the protagonist. Levels 1 is completed upon a successful battle against the enemy, level 2 is completed once you reach the end and come across the protagonist.

A break occurs for a visual novel style screen. On this screen we see shots of the protagonist and the MC finally meeting after her journey, and him telling her she’ll never come out this alive and free everyone to unite on the surface. She has two options to reply – one being she will defeat him, the other submitting to his power. Clicking the latter sends you to a fail screen, the first progresses you onto the Mortal Kombat inspired enemy screen. This screen allows a battle to take place. Using the right combination of weapons and tools, you can defeat him.

Once that’s over, a visual novel screen can appear uniting the MC with her family on the surface beside the bunkers just visible behind them. The mother tells her her father would be proud allowing the MC to finally be at mental peace having ‘saved the day’.

The player is then pushed onto the titles, before moving onto the start menu.

The game should roughly take about an hour to play – the visual novels and combat screens taking most of that time up. The game should probably be played in one sitting however an option to allow save could be done.

Character sketches to come.


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