The following acts as inspiration for my game design: Mortal Kombat, Pokemon, Metal Slug 3, most side scrolling shooters, and most visual novels).

I want to take inspiration for the environment of my game from Mortal Kombat with one on one fighting on a separate screen.


A health bar, the names of each fighter above it.

By separate screen I mean the main game takes place on a screen like the one below (an example from Metal Slug 3) in Side Scrolling Shooter style;


Not all enemy characters will take you to a seperate screen to fight. Henchmen characters who aren’t significant can be fought on the main side scrolling screen. When you come across a significant enemy, you have to approach them. They don’t attack on the main side scrolling screen. This will then take you to the mortal Kombat inspired screen allowing for one on one fighting.

This takes inspiration also from;


Pokemon runs with a similar battle feature where you have to approach/come across enemies in a separate window.

Other than basic menus, the only other window/screen/enviroment you could come across in this game is the narrative/visual novel screens. Perhaps every time the player advances on, a short break of visual novel screens ensue to give a bit of backstory/context – these would resemble something like below;


There’s also a map screen feature between movement of regions/levels like the one shown below (although not as complex looking)


These screens together makes for a complete game with a meaningful delivery of backstory, action, and variation.



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