Set in alternative history, Korea, during the Joseon dynasty. The main character is a kisaeng (Korean Geisha) living as a servant owned by the peony house to serve the nobles and entertain the king. The plot of this game should revolve around this Kisaeng as the MC, navigating through the corrupted palace and interacting with characters plotting for the good and bad of Joseon. Our MC should be a key figure in a plot to assassinate the king (under commands from the Minister of Justice), via poisoned persimmons. The MC successfully assassinates the king and the boy prince steps up to the throne where the minister of justice can easily influence decisions through the boy king. The Kisaeng returns to the peony house but is called up by the king’s guard due to suspicion of her roles played in the murder (the Minister of Justice breaking her promised safety). She’s then sentenced to execution where then rescued by a Sungkyunkwan scholar – a teacher of the boy prince – but not for free. The scholar is son of the Minister of Rites, who’s looking to protect the dynasty and detect moles in the palace (also for semi-personal gain, but not nearly as evil as the other minister).

As the game progresses into main gameplay (past the narrative which would convey all information before), the Scholar would become the Side-Kick/guardian, the Minister of Rites would become a Helper, and the Kisaeng, an anti-hero turned hero protagonist. The character of the Minister of Justice would then become the villain/antagonist.


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