–              Post-War tribes/clans of humans living underground in the deserts of a land mass resembling the Middle Eastern planes, functioning in a seemingly utopian society aided by futuristic technology and mechanisms, but in reality under tyrannical rule in a dystopian state ruling with an iron fist, brainwashing and misleading citizens to remain in power and hold onto their wealth. Those living in this underground structure live in fear of the outside – taught that it is dangerous and they will be killed.

The main character would preferably be female, living in this society with a single mother under the impression her father was killed in what simply is referred to as ‘The War’. Brought up with what can be described as ‘tough love’, she’s determined and stony faced – hard working and logical. Well educated but misguided under the system implemented by their dystopian rulers, under the impression the outside world is a desolate plane of sand and dried up rivers beds, no other humans or life forms in existence. Her only visual to the outside world is through the large dome structure overhead giving way to the blue skies obscured by the warped dirty glass.

The character should be an advocate for their ‘society’, young and impressionable all the same. They should train as part of their goal to join the ranks of their society and protect the people inside. Once the character sees a trigger point to turn against the society, they should use their abilities (once used for evil, although misguided and warped) for the good of the world in bringing down these individual states and uniting everyone on the surface. Liberating and gathering a support as the game progresses while discovering there were more creatures/humans on the planet than those within the underground ‘bunker’ where she and her family lived.

There is the Main Character – Protagonist, Hero, etc etc.

The antagonist would be the head of the dystopian society initially portrayed as an idol figure by the MC, but as the game progresses you get the impression that he’s a little more sinister as true intentions are revealed and the goals of this particular character.


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