Character Creation Form

(b) Design a template to be used when developing a character.

– Name:

– Date of Birth:

– Appearance:

-Eye Colour

-Hair Style/Colour

-Facial Features





-Skin Colour

-Notable Features:


– Birthplace/country/town:

– Education/Training/Occupation:

– Family Background/History (living/deceased family members, relationships, names, brief descriptions of secondary characters, their role in the story, income etc):

– Personality (soft, angry, happy, likable, dislikeable, snobby, etc. List any relevant traits as well as relevant reasons why they are this way):

– Morality (good/evil):

-Personal Beliefs (religion – fictional or non-fictional):

– Goals (what do they wish to achieve and how is this relevant to the gameplay):

– Achievements (what has your character done so far in the sense of notability):

– Strong Points (combat, word play, common sense, etc):

– Weaknesses (“   “    “    “):

-Current Mental State (By current, I mean at the beginning of the games/characters journey):


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