4K resolution is a recent innovation in the area of graphics relating to gaming and cinema. Previous high standards included 2K and 1080p. With 4K resolution, graphics appear realistic and no longer as pixelated, further blurring lines between what we see as reality and the graphics on a screen – slowly become more and more similar to what we see through our own eyes around us. Finer details are made visible and realistic through 4K, in comparison to its predecessor, 2K resolution. 4K resolution is 4096 x 3112 pixels at its maximum ability. Through the creation of 4K, graphics and gaming can reach new levels while working in conjunction with other new and emerging technologies to enhance the gaming experience and immerse the player.

As of now, the technology has only appeared prominently in the gaming and cinema industry, however it’s emerging elsewhere too and other such display items are being developed to support 4K graphics.




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