Game Evaluation


Miners are trapped in a collapsed mine and can’t get out. It’s the job of our main character – Hero – to rescue these miners while getting past various obstacles in the form of both enemies and locational threats.


HERO – Hero is the main character and responsible for saving the trapped miners at risk. He wears a helmet, brown tunic, and yellow-ish grey trousers. He wears a helmet and visor along with a laser gun strapped to his back.

Miners – The miners are the other characters in this game – the character our hero must rescue. They wear a plaid shirt and jeans.


The game play is simple and consists of five levels starting simple and gradually becoming harder. To progress to the next level you must have health and rescue the miner on that level. Without rescuing the miner, you cannot progress. You’re set back to level one when your health bar is empty.

User Interface

The user interface is simple and uses a total of five keys. Up, left, and right arrows are for character movements. Down arrow and shift are for character defence – the down arrow for launching a grenade and shift for triggering Hero’s laser to defeat enemies such as bats. There’s a health bar on screen as well as a grenade count – both of which will affect your success on each level although both these things are regenerated at every restart.


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