Group Working Analysis

How did you feel about working as part of a group?

I felt, working in a group, we got things done faster – especially in a bigger group like mines of four people. I also felt like there was less tension and disagreement as part of this group, personally I think down to the group size and how it was less one of one (as with a two person group). 

I felt like the workload was spread out, unlike how I might have felt before in a group and everyone contributed. 

Give one potential benefit of group working.

Spreading workload and having multiple creative and logical opinions injected into the work, potentially improving the ebook in ways I wouldn’t have thought before. 

Give one potential drawback of group working.

Having multiple heads butt together can cause conflict and disagreement while working on the ebook. This never happened in my group, but it could. Also, multiple inputs can create a mash up of ideas that might not play well together. 

Give an example of what worked well in your project.

While working on the ebook, I thought my group working went well – in previous college class projects, I wasn’t fond of the group working. I felt this time it went smoothly (maybe due to the individuals I was working with this time). 

What would you do different next time?

I wouldn’t do much differently because I felt like it went well, but if I had to nit-pick, I’d maybe share the workload differently. Although we all had even and fair amounts each (mostly), I felt like we were all doing even amounts of very different things. While I was doing the writing (what I like to do) and Anne/Sandra taken a lot of the photographs (what they’d like/prefer to do), I almost feel like I should have helped them more with the photos because after all, they did help me with some of the information for the writing. 


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