Way to Promote Book

Ways to promote your book includes –

– social networking (FB, Twitter, etc etc).

– Making a book cover that will catch users’ attention.

– Adverts

– Contacting online book blogs (which there are many of with a strong but quiet following, myself included) to promote/review your book. Examples include –



Youtube book review blogs are becoming ever more popular which open a new audience to book reviewing as they perhaps aren’t as boring as they were before as a plain flat wall of text.

Also, there are communities and social networks with sole intentions of reviewing and spreading good books.


There are forums discussing them and profiles for nearly every book you can imagine with thousands of reviews each. This can offer good promotion via asking high profile users of that site to read your book for free in return for a good review.

There are also large online writing communities filled with avid readers. Partnering with these sites, you can offer the first few chapters free for readers of that site hopefully pushing them to buy the rest. Sites that often do this as


and http://www.movellas.com/


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