Selling Your Book

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– A common process to sell books would be to go through a publisher such as Random House, or Sphere. Many authors these days turn to self publishing on services such as Amazon who offer a service such as ‘Kindle Direct Publishing’ and ‘CreateSpace’. Other similar services include Lulu and Smashwords. These self publishing services are guaranteed to accept your work so long as it meets their terms and conditions as opposed to traditional publishing who only accept if it meets their expectations and if they think it’ll sell.

Traditional publishers make their money via taking a cut of the money earned on the sale of the book. A book costing £8 would, for example, give the author perhaps a share of £1 or less. Other people who have to be paid in traditional publishing include your literary agent, the publisher itself, to the printers, and renewing the rights for printing your book cover. The authors share of the cut is called ‘Royalties’.

In self publishing, the money goes two ways – to the author and to your company – such as amazon. A book or EBOOK – priced at £8 – would be cut anywhere for 40-60 to 60-40 depending on the self publishing service.

Self publishing and traditonal alike all ends up with your book listed in similar places. Through amazon, your book is listed among others much more famous novels. The buying process is the same for both – you add to basket or whatever it may be called, complete the transaction, and your ebooks will transfer onto your device. Amazon in particular offer a service called ‘whispernet’.

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– An example of good customer care was when I had ordered a second hand book on amazon and it hadn’t arrived. I waited a month before contacting the seller who responded within 24 hours to say they would dispatch another. I waited a further month and still no book. I realised going by their reviews that it wasn’t uncommon with them. Despite not thinking I’d get my money back, they happily refunded me double the cost of the book within two days.

I think this is good customer service because of the quick response time and the fact I got a refund that no only gave me back the value of the book, but more for my trouble.

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I’ve experience bad customer service when I ordered a bracelet from a seller through. The bracelet hadn’t come and despite contacting the seller numerous times, there was no response. They were either ignoring their customers or had left amazon.

This is bad customer service because theydidn’t keep in contact with customers or respond to their complaints and queries about their order.

5 –

When shopping online I rely a lot of the reviews to indicate the quality of a product – especially those from sellers abroad. These give an indication to the customers whether a product is worth the money or not based on others’ experiences with the product and/or seller.

6 –

– How we could provide customer care with the book is the check for complains and respond to negative reviews to resolve customer problems rather than ignoring them. Responding to their complaint could work in your favor if they give you a good review after based on their customer care.

It’s easy to remain in communication with customers through either providing an email to let customers contact you or through you amazon seller email (provided, that’s where you will sell)- which is a way of communication with customers and sellers alike but never having to give personal information.


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