Cut-Out Animation Ideas

Because most of the magazines I own are fashion magazines, the cut out would be best suited around that area. I also have a few comics and Alternative Music magazines which could add a humorous twist to the fashion idea.

The video has to last a minute to 90 seconds, ten frames per second (hopefully can get away with less >.>)

I should create a stage background with audience out of coloured paper if that’s allowed as I don’t think I have that specific scene in any of my magazines.

The cut out should be humorous and feature a shy/awkward/nervous ‘model’.

‘Fashion show gone wrong’. Falling off stage, clothes tearing, etc.

IDEA 2 –

Character in the middle choosing their outfit. Outfits move from left to right (almost like in the style of a selection screen, like you’re dressing up you’re character for a video game. Could include buttons and the likes) and the character wears them and puts them on for five to ten seconds. The faces can change with every new outfit, or a new arm, or a new leg, new bag, etc etc. Until at the end there’s a new person there altogether.


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