Birthplace Text

Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Fife, in 1835 and lived until 1919. He’s known as the second richest man to ever have lived having revolutionized American steel work. He’s known for donating much of his wealth in later years of life to towns and cities, founding their first libraries and schools to expand education – most notably, worldwide, Carnegie Hall in New York City. Today, in Dunfermline, many locations are named after him based on his large impact on the town he spent very little of his life in.

The Birthplace Museum as seen today features an extension, known as the memorial hall that Carnegie’s wife proposed after her husband’s death. The house, which the Carnegie’s previously let out to tenants, became a museum/memorial hall in 1928.

Admission to this attraction is free, and features recent electronic interactive activities in the modern extension of the museum. The original cottage features a real weaving loom and old fashioned room the Carnegie’s really would have lived in.

There’s also a small gift shop, cafe, and toilets. Donations are welcomed. In the memorial hall, the exhibition items are swapped out every so often to make way for different pieces making this an attraction you can come to again and again.


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