The Glen EBOOK Text

Pittencrief Park

Pittencrief Park (also know as The Glen) is a beautiful and stunning location located in the heart of Dunfermline.
Andrew Carnegie purchased the park in 1902 and built it up to include many of the amazing features still there today, attracting thousands yearly to visit the park and to endlessly enjoy what it has to offer.
In the park you’ll find basic amenties such as a cafe known as ‘The Peacock Rooms’, toilets inside or immediatly opposite by the Italian Gardens. The path in the glen branches off into several routes that take you on different paths. The main features and attractions can be found along the main path running through the park.
Just on from ‘The Peacock Rooms’ you can find Malcolm’s Tower, a pivitol site in Scottish history that shifted the center of government to Dunfermline. The site today is in ruins but remains well maintained but hidden within the park. Along with the tower, Pittencrief House is also a key attraction within the glen as a free entry museum giving a brief history of the wildlife and people in Dunfermline.
As an entry and exit to The Glen are the Lousie Carnegie Gates, which can be found at the top of the glen leading onto Dunfermline’s highstreet.


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