To summarise –

Product – Interactive EBOOK.

Purpose – to provide an informative but modern technological approach to tours with historical significance. Our EBOOK will include images, audio, and video while providing in depth information about the locations featured in the book about Dunfermline.

Price estimation – £6. Cheaper than a physical tour book which themselves are far and few on the subject of Scotland, never mind Scotland.

Target audience – older, retired individuals in either groups of friends or as a couple. It was suggested that it could be aimed at people on cruises that dock nearby Dunfermline.

Locations – five-six locations. Arrive at Pittencrief Car Park, can go to the cafe, toilets, etc. Walk to the glen gates near the town, tourist Information center, high street (Merkat Cross), Abbott House, Dunfermline Abbey and Palace, Carnegie Birthplace.

Platforms – smart phones with ereaders, tablets with ereaders, ereaders such as a kindle, etc.

Possible Name – Technology Tours: Dunfermline. Tech Tours. Tech Tours: Dunfermline. ETOUR – Dunfermline. etc.

Promotion – The EBOOK can be promoted through posters in tourist areas and the attractions featured in the book. It can be promoted through travel companies bringing tourists into dunfermline – cruises, bus tours, etc etc.

Duration – 60 to 90 minutes walk.

Other content in book – Note of AAA’s – access, accommodation, amenities. Toilets, cafes, hotels (if need be), local stores, gift shops, etc. Locations with troubling access for disabled individuals noted, etc. QR codes will be included at the locations listed in the book to provide additional online information.


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