Final Idea – EBook Branding

I’m going to go with the initial idea originally given to the class due to the research I’ve already done and how well I think I’ll complete it as opposed to anything else.

The ebook will be used to provide interactive tours that are currently not on the market for Dunfermline (or globally… really). This will include video clips, images, text, and, maybe audio.

The name for the company ideally should be something that should reflect the technology and the tours, so – creatively – I came up with ‘tech tours’ for now, although that could be misinterpreted as something else and doesn’t have much relevance to Dunfermline or historic places.

The pricing of this book, based on previous research, should be around £6 based on the prices of paperback tour books which average around £8 to £10. The EBook would be cheaper and offer an interactive way of discovering and enjoying which adds to the appeal of the product.

The product ideally can work online and offline. Perhaps an option to download the ebook as text-only and links to the online features, or an option to download with the online features available offlines (which would make the file bigger, however). Or it could work a different way entirely utilizing QR codes which can be given to the locations mentioned in the ebook and allow tourists to interact with the ebook and other features offered through this.

Our target market won’t be a ‘tech generation’ so the product needs to be simple and easy to use, using features that almost everyone will be able to use. Our target market will prominently be the retired – whether on their own, as a couple, or in a group. However this product can be aimed at SIT’s – special interest tourists – who have a liking to history, Scotland, or religion. The ebook can also attract tourists with specific religious interests as Dunfermline can be viewed as a significant location for religion.


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