Computer Animation Vs Traditional Animation

What is computer animation?

CA is a way of animating on a computer through various programs such as 3D Max and Processing 3.3. This can be argued better than traditional as once it’s drawn, it’s easier to go back, edit, reshape which could speed up the animation process. – an example of CGI which is computer animation.

Example of a film that relies heavily on computer animation is ‘Suckerpunch’. The first link below shows a scene involving green screen. Many of the characters in the movie will also have been computer animated.

What is Traditional Animation?

Traditional animation is a form of animation mostly using crafting and artistic skills. Stop motion is a form of traditional animation, and can be done through drawings, paper pieces, everyday objects, etc etc. by simply taking a photo of each frame.

Others include flipbook and a zoetrope. These ass use POV – persistence of vision – to deliver the ‘fluid’ motion effect.

compared to traditional, in which you have to draw every frame again and again, in computer animation you can edit a previous frame and duplicate it. This allows for quicker animation process.

In comparison, both animation techniques work with POV – persistence of vision. The frames shown to you so quickly that it appears to us as motion. In computer animation, achieving a higher frames per second could be easier. Traditional proves more painstaking.

Computer animation requires learning brand new skills average people won’t have – learning how to use a program to create the animation as well as having artistic ability. With traditional, basic skills that most of us use are utilized in combination with creativity and artistic ability. Traditional animation, despite the long process, could be consider ‘easier’.

Computer animation makes for higher quality and more realistic animation, being able to specifically control certain points in the individual frames, doing to a single value. Computer animation, using mathematics can become realistic, more specific, and consistent.

Traditional animation, using crafting techniques, makes way for flaws in each frame drawing – more so the less experiences you have. A single off line in a frame can throw an entire animation. With traditional, mistakes are not only more likely, but also harder to correct.


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